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Best ABBA Tribute Band


The best ABBA tribute band in the world - PLATINUM - bow

Best ABBA Tribute Band


Ultimate ABBA Tribute Act - Best Quote


The Premier ABBA Tribute Band - Internationally Acclaimed

ABBA tribute bands help keep the music of ABBA alive - PLATINUM keep it absolutely LIVE!

PLATINUM are a 6-piece, fully live band.


"At first glance I'm thinking 'that's the real ABBA'... but that's you!"

BBBC Newsreader, Charlie Stayt, on seeing a clip of PLATINUM performing as he interviewed PLATINUM's 'Benny' live on BBC Breakfast TV




Exclusive Worldwide Management

Andy Nye Music Ltd.

A spectacular, brilliantly choreographed, polished musical production of ABBA's greatest hits. There are many attempts to copy ABBA. Without a doubt this magical interpretation is the most authentic ABBA tribute you will ever see or hear!"
Russell Parrott - Racecourse Manager, Leicester Racecourse

With the ABBA revival going from strength to strength every year, ABBA tribute bands continue to dominate the tribute band market. With so many "ABBA" acts to choose from, how can you be certain you're booking the very best show available? We hope this website makes that choice easier! It's designed to give you everything you'll need to know about this ABBA tribute group to help you make your own mind up.

Most importantly, an ABBA tribute group must look and sound like ABBA!!! - Visit PLATINUM's media page and see & hear this ABBA band for yourself. Download their fabulous promotional video and stunning MP3 demo of some of ABBA's greatest hits, or take a leisurely browse through the band's extensive photo gallery.

"Ambassadors, fellow diplomats and expatriates alike are all in agreement – PLATINUM was just what the doctor ordered for the British Embassy Ball – A truly fantastic night was had by all!  When can you come back?" 
Jayne Senior   MBE, First Secretary, British Embassy - Beijing

If you're still not convinced that this is the most exciting ABBA tribute band you'll find, simply read what those who have already booked them say about the experience by checking out their impressive testimonials page.  It's full of glowing reviews by independent parties who were so impressed with PLATINUM's tribute to ABBA, they felt compelled to put pen to paper! Many agents and production companies regard PLATINUM as the best abba tribute band in the world.

And if that's not enough, PLATINUM do it LIVE, their show producing the kind of excitement only a live band can - Beware of ABBA bands making the same claim when there are only four or five musicians in the lineup. Ask them who plays the bass and drums! The answer will be that they are performing over pre-recorded tracks. In our opinion, this is not live... it is glorified Karaoke!

“The Festival favourite!!.... World class live concert …. you would be mad to miss them!!”
Ballymena Arts Festival

PLATINUM are a 6-piece, fully live band. The real "ABBA" never used tapes... so neither should an ABBA tribute!

With a client list the envy of any tribute band, PLATINUM's professionalism shines through. But we're biased! Enjoy the site and compare them to other ABBA tributes you might have seen. We're confident you'll be impressed!

"From the moment PLATINUM appeared on stage everyone was on the dance floor. PLATINUM are truly amazing." Russell Brickett – Wishes 4 Kids

If you're looking to book the best ABBA tribute band and still have any unanswered questions about ABBA tribute groups, why not simply give us a call or e-mail us? From international concert venues & corporate events to private functions such as weddings and birthday parties, PLATINUM would love to work their ABBA magic for you and ensure you have the greatest ABBA night of your life!

Or if you're just a fan of ABBA's music and simply want to enjoy the very best ABBA tribute show there is, please visit PLATINUM's news page and see if the band are performing at a public event near you. They're proud to be keeping the ABBA revival strong... and prouder still that they're one of the most exciting live bands out there!


"Better than the original"

London Evening Standard




PLATINUM - Helping to keep the music of ABBA alive & LIVE!

 To book PLATINUM for your event, click on the Bookings link below. Or, if you want to see their fantastic ABBA tribute show, which includes all the ABBA hits from "Waterloo" & "Dancing Queen" to "Voulez Vous" & "Mamma Mia", visit the News page for details of PLATINUM's public events."/></a

  L’Hommage à ABBA en direct

Le groupe PLATINUM (groupe hommage à ABBA) est composé de 6 musiciens et fut créé en 1997 dans l’unique but de devenir le meilleur groupe d’hommage à ABBA dans le Monde.  Individuellement, ses musiciens ont fait des tournées et ont enregistré avec certains des plus grands noms de l’industrie du spectacle.  En tant que groupe, ils se sont fait une place dans le monde du spectacle.  En portant une attention particulière à chaque détail, ils ont réuni une superbe musicalité, des costumes authentiques, des chorégraphies « Abbaesques » ainsi qu’une bonne dose d’humour propre dans une prestation électrisante pour produire un spectacle à vous couper le souffle pour un public de tout âge.  Le groupe PLATINUM ne ménage pas ses efforts pour recréer sur scène l’éclat et l’inoubliable magie du groupe original ABBA totalement en direct, le plus grand défi étant de le faire sans avoir recours à des arrangements musicaux préenregistrés . Après tout… le véritable groupe ABBA n’y a jamais eu recours!  Lorsque le London Evening Standard dit à propos de leur représentation qu’ils sont “meilleurs que les originaux”, vous pouvez en déduire que leur travail est vraiment spécial.  Et il l’est!


 O show ao vivo de tributo aos ABBA

Os PLATINUM (banda tributo aos ABBA) são uma banda de 6 elementos formada em 1997 com o único objectivo de se tornarem no melhor tributo aos ABBA em todo o mundo. Individualmente, os músicos estiveram na estrada e gravaram com alguns dos maiores nomes do mundo do espectáculo. Como grupo, o seu nome já é uma referência no mundo da música. Com um cuidado extremo em todos os detalhes, os PLATINUM juntam a sensacional musicalidade, guarda-roupa e coreografia dos Abba e uma boa dose de humor com uma actuação electrizante, oferecendo espectáculos de cortar a respiração para todas as idades. Os PLATINUM trabalham afincadamente na recreação em palco do brilho e magia inesquecível dos ABBA originais e o seu maior desafio é consegui-lo sem recorrerem a arranjos musicais de fundo pré-gravados. Afinal de contas, os verdadeiros ABBA nunca os utilizaram! Quando, no London Evening Standard, se diz que as suas actuações são “melhores que o original”, percebe-se que eles estão a fazer algo de muito especial. E realmente estão!


 Show en vivo de tributo a los ABBA

PLATINUM (grupo clonico a los ABBA) son una banda de 6 elementos formada en 1997 con el único objetivo de convertirse en el mejor tributo a los ABBA en todo el mundo. Individualmente, los músicos estuvieron en la carretera y grabaron con algunos de los nombres más grandes del mundo del espectáculo. Como grupo, su nombre es ya una referencia en el mundo de la música. Con un cuidado extremo en todos los detalles, los PLATINUM juntan la sensacional musicalidad, guardarropa y coreografía de los Abba y una buena dosis de humor con una actuación electrizante, ofreciendo espectáculos de cortar la respiración para todas las edades. PLATINUM trabajan ahincadamente en la recreación en palco del brillo y magia inolvidable de los ABBA originales y su mayor reto es conseguirlo sin recorrer a arreglos musicales de fondo pre-grabados. ¡A final de cuentas, los verdaderos ABBA nunca los utilizaron! Cuando, en el London Evening Standard, se dice que sus actuaciones son “mejores que el original”, se entiende que ellos están haciendo algo de muy especial. ¡Y realmente lo están!


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PLATINUM - The Live ABBA Tribute Show

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